Ann Arbor Window Cleaning FAQs & Answers

Residential FAQs

How often should my windows cleaned be cleaned?

We clean some home windows monthly, others bi-monthly, four times a year, three times a year or annually. It is your preference how often you would like them cleaned, even if it’s just once; although it’s usually more expensive and time consuming to clean windows that have not been cleaned in over a year.   We suggest our Great Lakes exclusive, the Once-a-Season program that offers the best value, please inquire about special pricing. We would also suggest that it is best if your windows never go much longer than a year between cleanings, the build-up of dirt can lead to stains and glass surface corrosion from mineral deposits, oxidation and other environmental issues that can build up and bond or degrade the glass surface, which can be difficult and expensive to correct.


What makes Great Lakes Window Cleaning different?

The difference is our people, if you take a look at our company photo, you will notice we have experienced adults working with us. We don’t hire high-school kids or seasonal help to come clean your windows; most of our window cleaning technicians have been with us over 10 years and are clean cut, drug and smoke free, experienced professionals. They are accustomed to working in many of the area’s premier homes and offices. it takes over a year for us to consider a window cleaning technician trained, even more so for a residential window cleaner; so temporary – seasonal help is out of the question.

Plus: Great Lakes Window Cleaning is a family-owned, local business—not an impersonal franchise— and we are not trying to build a national or global business.  We committed to long term lasting relationships withing our local areas.  We are dedicated to continuous systems improvement in a continuously changing world and business climate. We take pride in having better systems and training than any window cleaning franchise; plus we have the heart and soul of a local, family run business. What does that mean for you? The best possible service experience and the most knowledgeable window cleaning staff in Michigan. That is why our outstanding customer service and satisfaction has earned the trust of thousands of homeowners and hundreds of businesses throughout Central & Mid Michigan for the last 35 years.


Are your window cleaning technicians experienced?

 Our technicians are well trained and  fully qualified expert technicians who also love their jobs. Our average window cleaning technician has well over 10 years of window cleaning experience with us. Each of our technicians  are fully insured and bonded. And each and every one is careful, courteous, and concerned about your comfort and the condition of your home—from their uniformed shirts down to their clean, white socks (after all, we do remove our shoes when working indoors in homes)!

What if it rains?

 Since it rarely rains all day, we respectfully ask that you allow us to clean the INSIDES of your windows first. In most cases it stops raining by the time we’re ready to clean the outsides. We understand that you have arranged your schedule for this appointment and this will allow us to take care of you with the least  disruption to your schedule. If we need to come back to finish the outside surfaces we will endeavor to do it the same day or same week. You will not need to be home. You will be billed by mail if you are not home.

Remember the “NO SPOTS IF IT RAINS GUARANTEE”.  It guarantees that there will be no spots from rain on your windows at least for 48 hours after we clean them. If you see spots, please just give us a call or pop us an email, and we will happily re-clean them at no charge and no hassle.


Can I get an estimate for residential window cleaning before you come to my home?

 Yes!  We usually do that all from the outside and you do not have to be home when we do the estimate.  All we need to do is take a walk around the outside of your home to get a  quick count of the number and type  of different types of windows (awning, bay, casement, double-hung, french, jalousie, picture, sliding, etc.) We can then email you an estimate and call to explain any options.  Remember  we can also clean your mirrors,  chandeliers, and other glass surfaces!

Do you have references I can check?

Certainly! Take a look at what our many satisfied customers have to say, just click on reviews at the top of the page or under the Residential section. This is a brief sampling of hundreds and thousands of comments our generous customers have written about their service experience with us. Let us know if you need any more specific details. We have 30 years of experience of working to exceed our customers expectations at every visit. Chances are that we take care of your neighbor’s windows!   Thank you for asking.

What is the most economical way to have my windows cleaned?

 We feel the best value is with our exclusive Once-A-Season program, with special program pricing. Four months a year— March, June, September and December—we’ll make sure the exterior of your windows are sparking clean, fresh and free of accumulated dirt, spots and smudges. Don’t worry about having to remember to call for an appointment because we’ll do the remembering for you—you don’t even need to be home. (The exception is the month of March, when we recommend we clean the inside your home windows also and save 25%)

Are windows that are stained or have hard water spots more difficult (and expensive) to clean?

Yes. Windows that have been repeatedly or have long term exposure to water (such as sprinklers), pollen, bugs, building run-off, acid rain, salt and bird droppings, or simply haven’t been washed for a long while take longer and are more expensive to clean. That’s why we recommend our Once-A-Season program, which really pays off in the long run.

What if I want my windows cleaned on a regular basis? Do you clean year ’round?

 We clean windows every week of the year (we did miss a couple days in the winter of 2103 when the roads were closed due to the snow, but’s it was a rare thing!) . Enroll in our Once-A-Season program. Take pride in your glistening clean windows all year long, rather than just once in a while!

What areas do you service?

 Great Lakes Window Cleaning  –  Ann Arbor will soon provide residential service in the counties of Washtenaw and Livingston counties (2016?). We are now providing Limited Residential service in Chelsea, Brighton, Howell,  Stockbridge, Gregory, Dexter and  Jackson areas.   Our Lansing Office services homes in the Ingham, Eaton and Clinton County, including Lansing, East Lansing, Okemos, St. Johns, Dewitt, Mason and surrounding areas.  Ask about other areas.  Commercial & High-Rise service is available statewide.

What can I expect during your technician’s visit?

 We start by arriving on time. Then, we take care to be careful to be sure hour home’s surfaces are protected—such as interior flooring, floor coverings and furniture as necessary, as well as the exterior landscaping, flowers and your homes siding. Then we gently wash your glass surfaces—thoroughly removing dirt, spots, fingerprints, smudges, grease, and film—then squeegee them dry and clean; or if your windows are properly suited, rinse the exterior surfaces with our highly purified spot free rinse, to a spot-free shine.

Do I need to do anything to get ready for your technicians?

 If you would be so kind, since our working hands will often be wet, we appreciatively ask that you move anything off the window sills or window area such as plants, nick-knacks, papers, etc.  especially please be sure to move anything breakable, highly valued or irreplaceable.

Will there be any mess to clean up afterward?

 Absolutely not. Other than the spotless windows, and your improved outlook , you shouldn’t know that we were there.

Does someone need to be home while you are cleaning my windows?

 No. But that is your preference. Many of our customers let our long term,  trusted employees into their home as they are going off to work and then ask our technicians to lock the door on the way out, much like a house cleaning service. Most of our technicians have between 4-20 years of experience.

How long will you be washing my windows?

 I guess the answer to that question is, “As long as it takes for them to sparkle and shine!” Most homes without storms are completed inside and out in two to four hours. We send larger crews when the homes are larger. Please ask when you schedule your appointment if that’s a concern.
Commercial FAQs

What areas do you service?

 Great Lakes Window Cleaning services high rise, office and medical campuses and large commercial buildings in the entire lower peninsula of Michigan.
  • Our Ann Arbor Office  also services smaller commercial buildings within the counties of  Washtenaw and Livingston. Which include the following Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Brighton, Howell, Chelsea, Gregory, Dexter and Pickney areas.
  • Our Lansing, Michigan office also services smaller projects in the 3 counties of Ingham, Clinton and Eaton, which include the following Lansing, East Lansing, Okemos, Haslett, Meridian, Williamston, Bath, Dewitt, Dansville, St. Johns, Eagle, Grand Ledge,  Dimondale, Potterville,  Holt, Mason, Shaftsburg, Stockbridge, Webberville, Onondaga, Leslie.
  • Other areas: We are currently servicing large window cleaning customers in Jackson, Detroit, Brighton,  Saginaw, Mount Pleasant,  Midland, Flint and Alma besides Lansing and Jackson. Other areas statewide in Michigan may be possible. Please ASK!

Are you competitively priced?

You’ve heard the old saying: “You can have quality, service, or price. Pick two.” Yes, we’re competitively priced, but we’re not the cheapest. We’re efficient, but we’re not slap-dash.  Our Experienced, Professional Technicians know how to behave in professional environments.  But most importantly, we work diligently to do it right,  from implementing proper safety precautions to the quality of the work we perform, Great Lakes Window Cleaning stands out as the best choice for Ann Arbor’s commercial buildings. There is a reason more area businesses and building managers choose Great Lakes Window Cleaning for their window cleaning needs than all our competitors combined!


What is the most economical time of year to have my building’s windows cleaned?

 February, one month earlier than most people start thinking about it, will usually result in savings up to 29%. If you have your windows cleaned only once or twice a year it doesn’t really matter which month, except for the savings. Or, you can choose to have the inside surfaces only completed in January or February at reduced cost, while still benefiting from our professional crew, if that’s what you are looking for.

What makes Great Lakes Commercial Window Cleaning unique?

 In a word respect. We have high standards. We require a clean cut and professional look, attitude and demeanor  from each technician. We start  by searching out, recruiting and hiring high caliber people, then we all work to maintain a company culture and atmosphere where professionalism and dignity are highly valued. This translates into how our employees treat each other and our customers, including our customers’ property and tenants.
This paragraph was included above in the Residential section but is worth repeating;
Our big difference is our people, if you take a look at our company photo, you will notice we have experienced adults working with us. We don’t hire high-school kids or seasonal help to come clean your windows; most of our window cleaning technicians have been with us over 10 years and are clean cut, drug and smoke free, experienced professionals. They are accustomed to working in many of the area’s premier homes and offices. it takes over a year for us to consider a window cleaning technician trained, even more so for a residential window cleaner, or someone allowed to work without direct supervision in a professional office situation; so temporary – seasonal help is out of the question for us.

The following quote hangs in our office conference room as a reminder to each of us:

“Watch your thoughts for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny”



Are you insured?

 We are fully insured. We have a $1 million Liability Policy, and every technician is bonded and covered by workers’ compensation. But that’s just the beginning. Each of our Window Cleaning technicians has been trained to think and act safely, because lives can never be sacrificed in order to cut corners or increase profits.  Ask to have an Insurance Certificate sent to you.  Plus we NEVER use uninsured, pseudo employees; some times referred to as “Sub-Contractors” or “under-the-table” employees.

Are your High Rise crews safe?

 Since 1989 every high rise building we have serviced has been serviced without accidents, injuries or OSHA fines.

Great Lakes Window Cleaning has strived to be a leader in window cleaning safety for over 30 years. We have an exceptionally low workman’s compensation rating; a result of our training and company culture.  We support and endorse the national window cleaning safety standard ANSI/IWCA I-14, it is the industry standard for window cleaning safety. We do not shirk it, criticize it or avoid implementing it, as some do, because we believe in safety, even when it requires extra time or we don’t get some bids, because some building owners do not appreciate the benefit of the safe window cleaning standard.


What causes hard water spots and stains?

 Hard water stains can result from a variety of situations, including sprinklers, condensation, building run-off, chemicals, and oxidation from metal screens and a variety of other environmental or situational isues. Over time, mineral deposits in water can collect on the glass and actually bond to the surfaced.  They may appear as a hazy white or sometimes yellow film. If left on the glass, this film can etch the glass over a period of time.  Such neglected glass surfaces can become very expensive to remediate.  It’s usually less expensive overall to maintain the glass surface than to have to restore or replace it.