About Ann Arbor Window Cleaning by Great Lakes

Great Lakes Window Cleaning company photo

Our People make all the difference;  if you take a look at our company photo, you will notice we have responsible & experienced adults working with us.

We don’t hire high-school kids or seasonal help to clean your windows; on average our window cleaning technicians have been with us over 10 years (many 15-20+ years) and are clean cut, drug and smoke free, professional Window Cleaners, accustomed to working in many of the area’s premier homes and offices.

It takes over a year for us to consider a window cleaning technician trained, even more so for a residential window cleaner; so temporary – seasonal help is out of the question.

Commercial Office Window Cleaning Service
Barry Pearson Commercial Service Coordinator

Barry takes care of our Commercial Window Cleaning Clients.  He endeavors to make Window Cleaning Service one less thing facility managers and building owners have to worry about.  Barry has been with Great Lakes Window Cleaning since 2003 and is very familiar  with our the individual needs of our clients. He works to ensure our quality and customer services standards are top notch.  He also has been known to fill in where ever needed and is one of our most requested window cleaning technicians.

Lee Salmon 317 211
Lee Salmon – Residential Service Coordinator

Lee takes care of a lot of our Residential Window Cleaning Customer Service .  He also is a Window Cleaning Coach and Trainer focused on improving our window cleaners technical and customer service abilities.  His attention to detail, technical skill and Customer Service also makes him one of our top reviewed window cleaning technicians! 10 years window cleaning experience in the United Kingdom and Traverse City, MI

Storefront & Resta;urant window cleaning service coordinator
Kiefer Hernandez – Storefront Service Coordinator

Kiefer takes care of our high-frequency customers such as retail stores, restaurants and high-profile areas of office buildings (we call it “route” work).  He oversees the computer sequencing of our service routes – to provide cost efficient service to our clients, mentoring and training of our Route Technicians, along with quality control and customer service.

High Rise Window Cleaning Service Coordinator
Lupe Mena – High Rise Service Coordinator

You have probably seen Lupe and his team hanging on the sides of the area’s high-rise buildings. He coordinates extensively with our High-Rise Clients and Site Managers , he works diligently to ensure that our property owner’s and window cleaning technicians risks are minimized;  juggles our schedules, marshals our resources and equipment so that our high rise window cleaning service is provided in a cost efficient and safe manner;  He’s been with Great Lakes Window Cleaning since 1994 and has extensive training and experience in High-Rise Window Cleaning safety, techniques and equipment.

Ashleigh Watson - Assistant Office Manager
Ashleigh Watson – Office Manager

We appreciate how Ashleigh, (from DeWitt, Michigan) handles the countless details that go into getting every client’s statements done correctly. If you have a question about a bill, need a an invoice copy or would like to pay by credit card please contact Ashleigh at Billing@GLWC.biz and she will cheerfully, quickly and meticulously take care of the matter.

About Ann Arbor Window Cleaning by Great Lakes
Damon Atlee

Damon Atlee, (From Haslett, Michigan) started with us in 1988 as a Lansing area window cleaning technician. In a short time we began to appreciate Damon’s attention to detail, his insight and his ability to adapt to the need of the moment and many other applications.

Today, Damon manages the day-to-day operations of Human Resources and the Finance department activities of payables, income statements and payroll. His high level of technical understanding of anything that is assigned to him and talent in processing details; plus his ability to prioritize and streamline plays a huge part in our ability to maintain safe, high quality, cutting edge service.

You may contact him with all questions regarding human resources, employment applications, and payables at DA@glwc.biz.

Bob Georgi, Jr. Lansing Window Cleaning Company
Bob Georgi, Jr.

When Bob Georgi joined Great Lakes Window Cleaning in the fall of 1991, although he (semi) retired in 2018 he still pops in from time to time to give us his valuable insights and look over what we’ve been up to.  Back when he joined us  he brought with him over 20 years of professional management and customer service experience.  His depth of management experience has enabled us to raise our standards of service even higher.

Bob’s previous experience includes Operations Manager of Great Lakes Wood and 19 years experience at every level in the family company the Lansing Butcher Shop. Bob brings with him the committed and caring spirit that comes from growing up in a family business which mirrors the culture and energy we endeavor to display to employees and customers.

Bob graduated MSU with a BA in Business in 1974. Bob is a loyal MSU football season ticket holder. Go Green!

The Founders

About Ann Arbor Window Cleaning by Great Lakes
Steve Miller

Steven Miller has been involved with the window cleaning industry for over 40 years and has experience in every aspect of the window cleaning industry. He started as a teenager cleaning store-front & restaurant windows and has worked to continually improve the quality of our service, standards, and safety.

Steven was one of the founders of the International Window Cleaning Association, which was formed in response to the need for a comprehensive and balanced safety standard for the window cleaning industry. This initiative has ultimately resulted in the development of the ANSI/IWCA I-14 Window Cleaning Safety Standard, as well as the United States first window cleaning certification program and various other safety training programs.

In January of 2010 Steve received the Window Cleaning Network Award. The statement accompanying this award said:

“Steve Miller is an industry leader – not in the sense that he runs for office, but in the sense that he continually projects high professional standards throughout his involvement with the window cleaning industry…Steve has a history with the window cleaning industry as well. He helped organize the IWCA, he was one of the first US distributors of portable pure water systems for window cleaning. And he’s done much online to increase safety awareness in this industry…”
Steve Miller is or has been affiliated with many business & industry organizations including:

  • The Building Owners & Managers Association of Mid Michigan (Past President)
  • BOMA International
  • The Institute of Facility Management Association (IFMA)
  • The Scaffold Industry Association (SIA)
  • Michigan State Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater Lansing Chamber of Commerce
Lansing, Jackson and Ann Arbor Window Cleaning Service
Lianne Miller

Lianne began cleaning windows part time in 1980 after returning from living in Switzerland and France for a couple years. Wedding photography, sign painting and window dressing were among the other business activities Lianne engaged in during the 1970s and 1980s. After buying out a window cleaning competitor, window cleaning won out as the most steady income source. Steven and Lianne were married in 1985 and combined their experience to further expand and improve Great Lakes Window Cleaning.

Areas under Lianne’s current supervision include: finance; system design and improvement, after the e-myth models; as well as all advertising, marketing and custom-made training and safety materials, which have been developed in-house. Lianne still enjoys photography and took most photos for this website. She is also a self-proclaimed seminar and education junkie. She never saw a problem she didn’t want to fix and rarely saw a subject she didn’t want to learn about.

“We may currently be the premier full-service window cleaning company in the Lansing area and statewide,'” says Lianne. “But that doesn’t stop us from trying to be even better tomorrow for you and our employees. We endeavor to create a positive company culture promoting excellence, generosity and integrity while delivering “world class” service; it’s our goal to consistently exceeds our customers’ expectations. We strive to make Lansing a brighter place one window at a time. We want to put a smile on your face with clean windows and stellar customer service.”

Industry Involvement

In 1989, Steve and Lianne were two of the Founding Directors of the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) whose objectives include encouraging the highest ideals and standards in the window cleaning industry, to further training and education of those connected with the window cleaning industry and to further the reduction of accidents. Steve served as a corporate officer of the IWCA during it’s formative years. Lianne served as Chairman of Seminars for the first International Window Cleaning convention ever; in Orlando, FL. Her seminar “How to Interview and Hire Exceptional Employees” became the most requested audio recording for the next decade from the hundreds of recorded IWCA Seminars. The IWCA now represents thousands of window cleaners worldwide.

Great Lakes Window Cleaning is or or has benefited from memberships in various other industry associations such as the Scaffold Industry Association (SIA), The National Federation of Master Window & General Cleaners (U.K.), Professional Window Cleaners Association, The Greater Lansing Home Builder’s Association, the Building Owner’s and Manager’s Association (BOMA) Past President – Lansing Chapter,  The Institute of Facility Management Association (IFMA), The International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) (Past Corporate Officer), Michigan State Chamber of Commerce, among others.

Our active involvement in such associations not only keep us current on the regulations and improvements in window cleaning equipment, chemicals, and techniques; it keeps us in touch with the ever changing needs of our clients.