Merge or Sell your Window Cleaning business to us and join our Team

Are you considering getting out of the Window Cleaning Business?

Are you, or your family tired of the grind? Would you like to have a bit of free time?

Before you contact an expensive business broker or decide to close up the shop, give it some thought;

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend most of your time doing what you enjoy and are good at?

And – Let other members of your team deal with the rest?

Great Lakes Window Cleaning is looking to expand in several areas in mid, central and eastern Michigan; and is looking for merger and business acquisition opportunities. with Window Cleaning Company Owners that have companies with a high percentage of Commercial or “Route” Window cleaning operations — We Want You!

We have a fully staffed office; taking care of Bookkeeping, Billing, Statements, Receivables, Human Resources, Health and Safety,  Forms and Filing, Payroll, Employee Benefit Management, Marketing and Advertising, SEO Optimization,  Web Pages, Graphic Design, Scheduling,  Equipment and supply sourcing, Finding & Hiring Technicians, Employee Training, etc., etc., etc.… You know all that stuff that takes time away from what we really do… Clean Windows!

Part of our Office Support Team;

High Rise Window Cleaning Service Coordinator Commercial Office Window Cleaning Service Storefront & Restaurant window cleaning service coordinator
Great Lakes window cleaning Managment Merge or Sell your Window Cleaning business to us and join our Team Merge or Sell your Window Cleaning business to us and join our Team Great Lakes Window Cleaning

If you enjoy and are good at a part of the window cleaning business; such as;

  • Estimating and Selling and you relate well with customers
  • Figuring the best way to get jobs and routes done properly, quickly, efficiently and profitably
  • Cleaning Windows and making customers happy
  • Teaching others
  • Managing Crews
  • Glass Restoration
  • Pressure Washing Techniques, etc.

If you were put in a position to do what you do best; and others that can do the other stuff best….. Great Lakes Window Cleaning Sign

Wouldn’t that be a Win-Win-Win? (Customer wins too)

Shouldn’t EVERYONE do better $$$
Would you be willing and able to work as a part of a team if everyone did better?

Let’s Talk

Steve Miller (
Great Lakes Window Cleaning, Inc.

PLUS: because a job is about more than just a weekly paycheck; All of the full time members of our team receive:


  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance
  • Principal Dental Insurance
  • Principal Life Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Vision Reimbursement
  • Tuition payments
  • Gym membership
  • Paid vacations and paid holidays
  • In addition we offer bonuses based on individual performance
  • Family Friendly – No evenings, No Sundays

Come Grow with Us

Advancement opportunities include: job pricing and bidding, sales, and other expanded areas of technical work such as water fed pole cleaning, aerial lift work and high rise. Each of these areas is diverse and offers many ways to grow both personally and professionally for many years to come. Since we are a small company we encourage people to add skills in different areas within the company and advance as they feel comfortable.

*Benefits: Of course, like all other businesses, our benefits programs are subject to change from time to time to keep pace with changes in the marketplace, new features, cost adjustments, and other factors, including employee classification. The summaries of each benefit plan on this document are meant as a source of general information and are not all-inclusive. Please review the insurance policies, plan documents, and other literature for more details or contact Damon Atlee. In the event of conflict between a benefit summary or handbook policy, the official plan documents will prevail. Also, Great Lakes Window Cleaning’s contributions toward insurance, along with other features, are subject to change at any time, with or without notice. Benefits may also be discontinued at any time, with or without notice.